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Support the Passport to Learning Trip – GoFundMe | Pathways Milwaukee

Support the Passport to Learning Trip – GoFundMe

Please Support the 2017 Passport to Learning Trip


Pathways Milwaukee


To make donating to Pathways simple, we have created a GoFundMe Campaign in support of our 2017 Passport to Learning Trip!

Our goal during this campaign is to raise a total of $25,000 to cover the remaining cost of this trip for our students! Pathways invests $1,500 to $2,000 per student attending the trip, our students pay nothing!


Your generous donation will help cover the cost of:

~ Transportation

~ Rooms

~ Meals

~ Any other costs associated with the many activities along the way

These trips not only provide many exciting experiences that our students may not be able to have without this opportunity, but they bring invaluable learning experiences, including visiting 10 college campuses, the White House, the Ford Theatre & Petersen House, Colonial Williamsburg, and more!

To learn more about the Passport to Learning Trip click here and here!

Find our GoFundMe Campaign at:

We greatly appreciate your support!