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Parent Committee


The Parent Committee is a very important part of Pathways Milwaukee and is the means by which parents come together and make decisions about activities for themselves and for their children. The Parent Committee is made up of parents of children who are enrolled. Parents are a great resource to the Pathways program, and we need parents to be involved. Many studies show that children do better in school when their parents are involved in their education. By becoming involved in Pathways Milwaukee, you show your child that learning and sharing are important. The more time you spend volunteering at Pathways Milwaukee, the more successful your child is likely to be, and the better our program will be.



1. Fundraising for Middle School Group food & transportation and High School Group for trips

Fundraising Ideas:
– Flap jack breakfast
– Zumba-thon
– United Way direct contributions

2. Communication Tree
3. All Family Event



2-3 parents per grade level
– Middle school ~ 6-9 parents needed
– High school ~ 8-12 parents needed
– Need one captain or co-chair for MS and one for HS
– Surplus parents will be assigned to support functions


Committee Schedule

Once formed, the committee will meet once per month for an hour.
– Early September – all member meeting to discuss roles
– Middle School & High School groups will have separate monthly meetings
– Combined groups to meet either once per quarter or once per semester (to be determined based on parent involvement)
For more information or to participate on the committee, contact Joanne Angeli at